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The Joker 2023 Ver.

The Joker 2023 Ver.

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Duration: April 4th 20:00 to April 9th 24:00 (UTC+8)

Shipping time: April 20th to April 30th



"Why so serious?"

In the movie "Batman: The Dark Knight" released in 2008, the dagger and the card appear many times in the movie. The appearance of the dagger and the statement "Why so serious?" shows that he is not just an ordinary criminal, but a very dangerous character, an extremely destructive villain character.

As Batman's antagonist, the forces of chaos and destruction he represents will be Batman's greatest challenge.

Like the Joker character, this year's commemorative keycap shows an uninhibited and rebellious atmosphere. Still a tribute to classic characters and movies, it infuses the keyboard with a strong personality and style.


This year's Joker keycap is composed of multiple parts as a whole. Except for the purple acrylic shine-through surface, all are carved by high-precision CNC to ensure the precise presentation of every detail.

The dagger part is integrally formed, and the coloring of the handle and blade part is completed by the secondary anodizing process, which ensures the texture and appearance of the dagger part. The Joker card part adopts electrophoresis coloring technology to make the color uniform and delicate. And laser engraving is used to draw sharp and vivid words and patterns on the card.

A variety of high-precision processing and coloring processes make it present the ultimate craft beauty and artistic value.


Size: 1u

Profile: 3D Profile

Material: Aluminum+Acrylic

Molding: CNC Engraving

Coloring: Anodizing + Electrophoresis

Shine-though: Yes

Compatibility: Compatible with MX switches and clones

Our Thoughts

In Christopher Nolan's Batman: The Dark Knight, Heath Ledger's Joker is one of the best.

This artisan keycap is a tribute to the classic character and his actor, Heath Ledger. Through the mysterious purple shimmer, the image scene of the dagger being inserted into the Joker card evokes everyone's memories and thinking about this classic movie and the character of the Joker.
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