Due to the differences in the switches of different mechanical keyboards, repeated insertion and pull out will cause the abrasion of the stem. As long as there is slight wear on the stem, the keycap will be loosened to varying degrees. Therefore, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the stem, do not forcibly install an artisan keycap of inappropriate size to the stem, and do not use a violent tool to spread the underside of the keycap to avoid unnecessary losses.



The polishing process of most artisan keycaps cannot be completely finished by machine. They are hand-polished one by one by our colleagues in the factory. It is difficult to make each keycap flawless and beautiful. The mirror surface of the polished keycap is also made by many processes. There might be some minor issues that we’d love to seek for your understanding. 



The aluminum anode process is a technology that widely used on our aluminum artisan keycap. The finished product is bright and rich in texture, and the processing process is complicated. It is difficult to achieve a 100% perfect segmentation between colors during multiple anode coloring processes on the keycaps in complex shapes. The anode is subject to changes in the external environment, and the keycap colors of different batches will have slight color differences. Anodizing process, anode electrophoresis process, electroplating process, and ABS one-time forming process are widely used in the production of our keycaps. Please refer to the process introduction on the product details page to distinguish the process value of different products.



All orders will be shipped by China Post/E-packet/SF Express/DHL or FedEx.

Free Shipping for the orders over 39 USD (keycap only) by standard shipping methods (Economy Posts).

The orders will be fulfilled within 2 workdays, we will inform you if there have any product in your order out of stock, please kindly check out your inbox on time.



We offer a limited 3 months warranty for our keycap products.

All keycaps under warranty are subject to inspection from ZOMOPLUS Team. Warranty only covers any defections caused during manufacturing production. Anything determined as scratch, crack, or tear from excessive use is not covered under our warranty.