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Fantastic Beasts Series - Cthulhu

Fantastic Beasts Series - Cthulhu

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A keycap from the deep.

Gazing into the abyss, whispers from the old gods...

Inspired by the evil gods in the Cthulhu mythology. Cthulhu is described as a large, ancient creature with octopus-like tentacles and berserk strength. The rusty lake and mountain colors embody the blood and evil in mythology and enhance the keycaps' visual effect.

As a cultural phenomenon, Cthulhu mythology represents our curiosity about the unknown and the exploration of fear. We use the keycap as a carrier to present the horror and mystery in Cthulhu mythology so that people can feel the unique atmosphere of Cthulhu mythology through touch and vision.

Whether you are a horror story, occult lover, or an avid Cthulhu fan, this keycap will become the unique decoration on your keyboard.

Craftsmanship & Details

This time, the Cthulhu Old God metal keycap adopts a split structure as a whole and is anodized and colored separately, which ensures ZOMO's consistently excellent color-matching display and exquisite and delicate surface texture.

From the molding process, the base of the keycap and the part of the evil god are all carved by high-precision CNC. High-precision CNC processing technology can ensure that the size and shape of the keycap are very accurate, and can realize complex geometric shapes and fine detail processing, so that the appearance of the keycap is more realistic and refined, from the hollowing out of the inside to the formation of evil tentacles and surface textures, a perfect interpretation of the design requirements of Cthulhu style.

Material: Aluminum
Molding: CNC Engraving
Coloring: Anodizing
Profile: 3D Profile
Compatibility: MX switches and clones.

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful, well-made bling for my keeb. I have both colours of this now. Buying direct is the best way to go, fast and a little cheaper. Thank-you.