Q: Where do the items ship from?
A: The items are shipped from Shenzhen, China.

Q: How long does it take to my place? It supposed to be a gift.
A: The shipping time is within 90 days for reference, normally in 2-4 weeks. We appreciate your patience.

Q: The parcel is keeping returned, what’s going on?
A: Due to the parcel is shipped together with other parcels in a container, if there have any parcel that has a security problem, the entire container will be returned. The forwarder will arrange shipment again. We appreciate your patience.

Q: Why should I provide my real name/shipping information for the order?
A: We will cancel the order from our side directly if the shipping information is unreal. To the order with an undeliverable address, if the parcel is been claimed undeliverable by the postal office in the destination country, we do not have the responsibility to reship the parcel, please understand. Thanks for your time.

Q: I may need a faster delivery, what should I do? Are the Express shipping methods available?
A: Due to the shipping cost by Express methods to different countries has a huge difference. Please kindly email to “info@z0m0.com” about the items you want to order, we will calculate the shipping cost and send the order to you by email.

Q: How to track the order?
A: We will provide the tracking number after the tracking number after shipment is fulfilled. You can enter the tracking number we provided and check the tracking information on the site:

Q: Do the keycaps compatible with all the keyboards?
A: No, our keycaps are compatible with the mechanical keyboards that use MX switches.